“Labro’s cadenzas were captivating.”

written by Jessica Rudman

“Labro is a dynamic performer who took full advantage of the instrument’s expressive capabilities. The orchestra played with vigor, and Labro’s cadenzas were captivating.” Read the full review of Labro’s performance of Piazzolla’s concerto “Aconcagua” with Hartford Symphony Orchestra. Link to full article


If music be the food of love, feast on…

by Mike Chaiken

The bandoneon and the accordion often can be found as solo instruments. But for this series of concerts with the Hartford Symphony, Labro will be accompanied by a full orchestra.

“I love the sound of both the accordion and the bandoneon against the backdrop of an orchestra,” said Labro. “I think both instruments work beautifully in the classical setting… Both instruments have such rich sounds that they bring unique textures, depth and tones when layered with big or small classical ensembles.”

For “Latin Lovers,” Labro will be performing “Aconcagua” by Astor Piazzolla.

Check the Full Interview Here


New Perspective: Julien Labro is redefining the accordion

Written by Jane Simons.
When Julien Labro performs, he wants to change your mind about what the accordion can do. And Labro will attempt just that with an April 27 performance at the Gilmore Keyboard Festival. Although he has performed numerous times in Michigan, this is his first appearance at the Gilmore, which he has thought was “very cool” for at least 10 years now. “Now, it’s reality. I’m going to enjoy every minute for sure,” Labro said. During the first half of his show, he will be accompanied by a pianist in more of a chamber style featuring classical music. “For the second part, I’ll be bringing my jazz quartet in and we will feature more of my own compositions and the jazzier side of things,” he said. Continue to full article


Concert review: Hot Club, guest accordionist excel in unamplified…

Written by Susan L. Pena.

In the endless menagerie of jazz formats, an unamplified concert is perhaps the rarest bird of all. But thanks to Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest’s new partnership with the WCR Center for the Arts, that what the audience heard Thursday night when the Hot Club of Reading,

with guest accordionist Julien Labro, appeared in that venue sans amps and speakers…..Labro, originally from France, is a member of the Hot Club of

Detroit whose virtuosity on the button accordion is matched by a dazzling creativity and a big heart, as he demonstrated in solo after solo. Full Review Here




Berks Jazz Festival 2018 Preview Article

Written by Don Botch. When the Hot Club of Reading plays a Berks Jazz Fest concert Thursday night at the WCR Center for the Arts, it will welcome as a special guest a French accordion virtuoso who 20 years ago crossed the Atlantic to get to the root of jazz, only to discover the music of his homeland. That’s not the way it was supposed to go down when Julien Labro enrolled….Full Interview Here


Julien Labro Expresses Love for Jazz Through the Accordion

By J.C. Lee

When Julien Labro was a young boy in Rodez, France, he never thought his accordion would take him around the world.11144481_10101873470427298_4102348912913893915_o

But in the last year, the 34-year-old’s music has taken him throughout the Middle East, to Kuwait and Qatar, from China to Brazil and more. And this weekend, Labro will travel to northern Indiana to play his accordion as part of the Hot Club of Detroit at the Elkhart Jazz Festival.

The journey all started with a television show. The accordion is a common instrument in traditional…read the rest here



“From This Point Forward” included in ‘Ten New Classical…

By John von Rhein

New albums find Chicago classical musicians, ensembles and composers blazing new artistic paths, moving into unusual areas of the repertory, refusing to be pigeonholed. Here is a sampling of some of the more significant recent releases that reflect this trend:

“From This Point Forward.” Julien Labro and Spektral Quartet (Azica): What hath Astor Piazzolla’s nuevo tango revolution wrought? You can hear music by some of the Argentinian tango master’s successors in this album of tangy instrumental arrangements, crafted and engagingly performed by the virtuosic Julien Labro (playing bandoneon and accordions) and the Spektral Quartet. Hang on tight as you plunge into the title track, Fernando Otero’s “De Ahora en Mas,” a frisky ride on a hurtling Latin roller coaster. No more enjoyable crossover release has come my way so far this year.

Read the rest of list!


Interview for Premiere of “Apricity” Accordion Concerto by Labro…

By Patricia Gendrey

Première mondiale d’une pièce d’un compositeur français à Katara

Julien Labro est accordéoniste, compositeur et arrangeur. Son concerto pour accordéon et orchestre – Apricity – sera joué pour la première fois à Katara, samedi 11 avril. Il nous parle de son travail et du concert de cette fin de semaine.

11136087_10153784367158012_2696041287922935416_oQatar Actu : Quel est votre parcours ?

Julien Labro : Je suis né en France, dans l’Aveyron, à Rodez. J’ai vécu aux États-Unis pendant une dizaine d’années. Je vis aujourd’hui à Toronto.

J’ai commencé l’accordéon à l’âge de 9 ans en regardant une émission à la télévision qui m’a émerveillé. J’ai suivi un cursus emménagé en musique et des études classiques au conservatoire de Marseille. Cette formation m’a ouvert de nouveaux horizons. J’ai alors découvert le jazz et des artistes comme Charlie Parker ou Miles Davis. C’est devenu une passion. J’utilisais tout mon argent de poche pour acheter le maximum de disques, ce qui a contribué à m’ouvrir l’oreille. J’ai trouvé dans le jazz une liberté que je ne retrouvais pas dans le monde classique. J’ai alors réuni bon nombre d’informations sur l’improvisation, l’histoire du jazz. J’ai découvert d’autres artistes comme Herbie Hancock ou John Coltrane. J’étais fasciné, à tel point que j’ai pris la décision de poursuivre, après le baccalauréat, mes études en Amérique du Nord pour être plus près des sources du jazz.