Julien Labro interviewed on The Craig Fahle Show -WDET FM

Tango is considered to be one of the great music styles of the world…the compositions are as sultry as the infamous dance.  WDET’s  Martina Guzman interviewed Julien Labro from the Oblivion Project…a Detroit group considered to be foremost Tango band in the Mid-West. [wpaudio url="http://wdet.org/audio/articles/OBLIVION-Mixdown.mp3" text="Link to Audio" dl="0"]
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4 Responses to Julien Labro interviewed on The Craig Fahle Show -WDET FM

  1. Janice Gordon says:

    Great website! Thanks

  2. David Lange says:

    Julien . Congratulations on the new website.
    I think you are destined to be one of the most influential accordionist on the planet.

  3. julien says:

    Thanks for the kind words David! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves… :)- Hope all is well !

  4. Melissa says:

    Fantastic, Julien! I am looking forward to seeing this group live. Love the website too.

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