"Accordionist Julien Labro has something. This guy can play!! He can spin a sixteenth note line with soul and sound that can intensify." -Cadence Magazine

"Julien Labro is an accordion master who can make the instrument swing better than anyone" -SEMJA (Piotr Michalowski)

"Julien rips like you won't believe. I was astounded by his mastery of that rather difficult instrument and by the beauty of his solo lines."  -Keyboard Magazine (Ernie Rideout)

"France-born Julien Labro makes a favorable impression. He has a smooth, pleasing quality to the sound of the accordion he fingers and squeezes with such nonchalant expertise."  -Downbeat Magazine

"An astounding accordion player who measures up every inch to the base group. I've had occasion to hear some very good squeezebox artists, but Julien Labro is in a class of his own." -The Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"Brilliant accordionist" -Chicago Tribune (Howard Reich)

"...fleet fingered accordionist Julien Labro straddles the past-present fault line in particularly alluring fashion." -Detroit Free Press (Mark Stryker)

"He really knows how to use his instrument with true artistry no matter what the tempo or style." -Accordion Worlwide (Joan Sommers)

"Julien Labro offering up the most melodic accordion these ears have ever heard" -Ear Candy

"While all the cats can play, Labro stands out." -Jazz & Blues Report

"What accordionist Julien Labro does is fly, launching a solo that simply bubbles with joy." -All About Jazz (J. Hunter)

"Mr Labro is a gifted and charming bandoneonist. Oustanding!" -CoolCleveland.com

"...air-tight ensemble underpinned by Julien Labro's grooving accordion rhythms and leads." -Hampton Roads.com

"...while Labro holds a chord and shakes his accordion's bellows for all they're worth." -JazzTimes Magazine

"Django's group sometimes included accordion, and Richard Galliano and Julien Labro have been continuing that tradition in gypsy jazz with fine results." -Audiophile Audition

"...button accordionist Julien Labro who favors the tunes with a push and a squeeze....a backdrop of sweet romantic charm rendered by Labro's accordion." -Modern Guitar Magazine

"...where Julien Labro stole the show with his quick work on the accordion." -The Daily Page

"Julien Labro on button accordion remains faithful to the restless and sophisticated spirit of Reinhardt's music"-All Music Guide

"Labro, in particular, exhibits flair and versatility, gamboling, engaging and respirating on his accordion" -Emusic.com

"What accordionist Julien Labro makes crystal- clear from the disc's very first cut Django Reinhardt's "Rhythm Futur" is that he's a jazz improviser, not some godforsaken bit of Parisian cafe color, and he's ready to swing the house down." -The Buffalo News (Jeff Simon)

"Julien Labro steals the show with his improvisations. He is the best jazz accordionist I've heard since Art Van Damme, and that was, what? The late '50s? Like Van Damme, Labro plays the instrument in a rapid, single-note style, evidently adapted from Bud Powell."  -Fanfare Magazine (Lynn Rene Bayley)

"Labro continues to amaze. He brings a modern harmonic sophistication to traditional heart-on-your sleeve accordion/bandoneon stylings, without losing the emotional impact of the tradition." -SEMJA (Piotr Michalowski)

"On the original compositions, Labro's "Sacre Bleu," swiftly stands out, due in large part to the composer's rhapsodic touch." -JazzTimes (Mike Joyce)

"Julien Labro stands out in his beautiful introduction to Chopin's "Tristesse". -All About Jazz (Larry Taylor)

"...An excellent soloist...this new arrangement by Julien Labro gets things right. The music was by turns rapid and rhythmically driving, hazy and languorous, nostalgically grand-gestured, tart and cutting."  -Boston Globe (Jeremy Eichler)

"...Julien Labro put on a show that was blistering in both pace and quality." -Aspen Times (Stewart Oksenhorn)

"Top Ten jazz performances of 2010....Accordionist Julien Labro knocked everybody's socks off. -The Daily Gazette (Tim Coakley)

"The originals are equally enjoyable. Labro’s “Sacre Bleu” is an enticing gypsy trio waltz for guitar, bass and accordion while Labro’s gently swaying “Papillion” showcases Cafagna on soprano sax and the composer’s accordion. -All About Jazz NY (Ken Dryden)

"In the performance by master bandoneon player Julien Labro, we heard the full range of the instrument's capabilities, from sonorous and resonant bottom to piping upper reaches, living up to its designation as "the soul of the tango and Argentina." -Cape Cod Times (W. Henry Duckham II)

"Labro plays the chromatic accordion with the style and verve of a rock musician, maintaining the European cabaret feel of the Gypsy jazz, but adding a more modern, innovative touch. Who would have expected the accordion to sound so hip?" -Winnipeg Free Press (Chris Smith)