Rise & Grind


Julien Labro (accordion); Olli Soikkeli (guitar); Eduardo Belo (bass); Nick Anderson (Drums).  


Virtuoso accordionist Julien Labro teams up with explosive guitarist Olli Soikkeli on this new quartet. "Rise & Grind" combusts with slick lines, fearless pace and exciting interplay. The scorching duo is joined by two of the most sought after NYC musicians, bassist Eduardo Belo and drummer Nick Anderson.
Rise & Grind
  1. Rise & Grind (Labro)
  2. Bogey (Labro)
  3. Tango for T (Labro)
  4. On the Steps (Labro)
  5. Danse Norvegienne (Grieg)
  6. Chutzpah (Labro)
  7. On the Road Again (Nelson)
  8. Belleville (Reinhardt)
  9. Situationship (Labro)
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