Gaylord Klancnik


Gaylord Klancnik (accordion); Ken Klancnik (saxes); Ed Klancnik (drums); Brian O’Boyle (accordion); Jerry Zagar (bass); Jeff Lewis; Brian Wiater; Joey Miskulin (accordion); Alex Meixner; Tony Paoletta; Gene Rabbai; Bob Hatter; Adam Bell (accordion), Julien Labro (arranger,organ), Eric Stehle; Tim Lorsch; Ron De La Vega; Dave Rosin (bass); Tina Mitchell; Judy Cox.


Here is the late great Gaylord Klancnik and his last album of music as presented by his son, Ed Klancnik.

Liner Notes

It’s interesting the way destiny and fate may ultimately play a role in the lives we live. On October 15, 2005, my father and I were forced to abandon an outdoor project due to a rainstorm. Since I was already set up to do some banjo tracks, we decided to record several of the songs that he had been playing live with his band. Our plan was to pick a few of them to put on what was supposed to be his final CD (which we were going to start working on after Christmas). As many of you know, Gaylord was lost on December 19, 2005 in a tragic automobile accident. As a tribute to my father, I produced his final project around the 16 accordion tracks he did that day, in addition to some other ones most people had never heard before. There are numerous musicians on this album which include the members of the Klancnik and Friends Band, Joey Miskulin, Adam Bell, Alex Meixner, and several Nashville session players. It is unfortunate that Gaylord never got to hear his final project, because it is easily his finest release. EK

Jazz Wagon

  1. 4 R’s Polka
  2. You’re My Something Polka
  3. Slovenian Village
  4. Cheese and Crackers Polka
  5. Everywhere You Go
  6. My Anne Waltz
  7. Kramer’s Polka
  8. This Must Be the Place
  9. Blue Dawn Waltz
  10. El Gusto
  11. Loretta Polka
  12. Ostanek’s Polka
  13. Pretty Girl Waltz
  14. Jazz Time Polka
  15. Pony Tail Polka
  16. Lovin’ Out West
  17. Timko Plays Hoyer Polka
  18. I’ll Fly Away

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