Homage to Astor Piazzolla


Catherine Wilson (piano); Erica Beston (violin); Amy Laing (cello)


Ensemble Vivant, Canada’s chamber music treasure, new recording offers a fresh take on works by Astor Piazzolla, the iconic Argentinean composer who spearheaded the tango revival in the 1960s & 70s – and one that continues to this day. The album was created under the supervision of Piazzolla expert and virtuoso bandoneonist Julien Labro and producer Claudio Vena.


  1. Fuga y Misterio
  2. Adiós Nonino
  3. Tango del Diablo
  4. Romance del Diablo
  5. Vayamos al Diablo
  6. Oblivion
  7. Libertango
  8. Ave Maria
  9. Undertango
  10. Introducción al Ángel
  11. Milonga del Ángel
  12. La Muerte del Ángel
  13. Resurreción del Ángel
  14. Milonga for Three

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